It’s All About The Last Two…

overtrain2I am always happy to see a client go off on their own and follow what I’ve taught them. I even created a website just for clients who want a professionally created, personalized routine, but do not want to work with me in person (because of time, money, or independence). Great, no problem. Stay committed and practice what I taught you and you will succeed at your fitness goals.

However, there seems to be a downside to working out on one’s own, that can plague even fitness professionals. The problem is that most individuals who work out on their own do not push themselves hard enough. How many times has your brain said “it’s okay, you’ve done a lot, you can stop at 8 reps” or “I’m tired, I’ll do more tomorrow”?

This is when I quote my first body-building mentor who he repeatedly berrated me as I attempted to “wimp out”: “it’s all about the last two!”

imagesCA61BUGVTechnically it may not be all about the last two, but there is something to be said for that final extra exertion and push, whether it be two or four more, that makes the difference between successful (and rapid) change in your body composition and stagnation or slow changes.

A trainer or work out partner provides that external pressure or accountability that gets you to go that extra mile – do those extra reps. There’s no doubt that you can do more, I have pushed clients to do way more than they dreamed their bodies can do, and they always end up awed at their abilities (and ultimately thankful that I pushed them).

So if you have to or want to continue working on your own then at least keep this in mind – hear me loudly egging you on: two more, you can do it, now one more, ok just give a final two (yes I am known for sneaking in an extra five).


Your workouts will be more beneficial, your results will come faster ,and you’ll thank me for it, I promise! Of course, if all else fails – I am available to train you in person!


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