Guest Post: Top 3 Ways to Go From Fat to Fit

jenn1 By Jennifer Espinosa-Goswami jenn2

You will never see me wearing a bikini on the Katie Couric show. You will never hear me tell you that “thin is in”. You will also never believe that this used to be me.

I spent half of my life having the normal fat girl problems. Problems such as finding stylish clothes that fit, crying in my bathroom because of a cruel joke, and trying to hide as much of my stretch-marked body as I could during the hot summer months.  I am not a fitness buff, model, or professional trainer. I am just like you. What I did is something any woman can do. Here is my journey from fat to fit.

Not every fat girl is lazy! I used to win track competitions in elementary school, played volleyball for my junior high, and biked every weekend with my family. I loved being active.  It wasn’t until college that I realized there is a difference between being active and fit. As the pounds piled on, I wasn’t physically able to do the things I wanted to anymore. Like climb a flight of stairs without losing my breath, or jog more than 1 minute.  There is a myth when it comes to fitness: No pain, no gain. Don’t believe it! Fitness is not a punishment. Fitness should be FUN.

The one thing I really love to do is dance. At my ninth grade dance, I asked every guy in my class for a spin on the floor! Maybe it’s my Hispanic blood, but I love to shake my hips and feel the beat with my body. That became my fitness program.

4 times a week. I have danced with Kathy Smith, Richard Simmons, and even Cindy Crawford. My favorites can be found here. Today, I know enough choreography that I just turn on the music in my living room and have a dance party! hooping to martial arts.

Did you know that cardio can only take you so far? There is a secret ingredient to really becoming fit that I didn’t discover until after I had my first daughter. That secret is strength training. Strength training helps you burn fat and feel sexy. It’s easy to build a home gym with dumbbells, resistance bands, and even kettlebells. I have even used my toddler as a weight while doing lunges or squats.

Want to know the best way to go from fat to fit? Here are 3 top tips:

1.  Start with what you love to do. Do it for as long as you can, as often as you can. Then, increase the time and/or frequency. Try a new technique or exertion level once you’ve mastered it.

2. Build your muscles! If you don’t know how, Ariana and Dane Life Fitness can help.

3. Keep your tools within sight! If you go to the gym, keep a gym bag with everything you need in your car or at work. If you have a home gym, don’t keep it in the corner.

Fitness doesn’t mean you have 6-pack abs or killer thighs. I went from fat to fit by choosing what I already loved to do and by building muscle. Increasing my fitness allowed me to fuel my life.  How will you fuel your life?

Jennifer Espinosa-Goswami is a motivational speaker and writer on women’s weight loss. A member of the National Weight Control Registry, she has maintained a total weight loss of 100 pounds through marriage, career transition and motherhood. Jennifer is dedicated to helping busy, professional women achieve weight bliss. She currently resides in Richfield, MN. For more information, visit her website ( or like her Facebook fan page.


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