Paleo Workout Anyone?

There’s a lot of focus these days on the Paleo Diet – essentially eat what the cavemen (hunter-gatherers) ate. As you all should know about me by now, I do not use the word diet as it implies temporary. You may also have heard me issuing slight criticism over the “Paleo Diet” as I see many pinned recipes on pinterest being for “paleo cookies or desserts.” Hate to break it to you, but the aforementioned cro-Magnons did NOT eat chocolate (or bacon which seems to be on a lot of Paleo meal plans).


But if you really want to embrace the Paleo lifestyle, than I think we should have a Paleo Exercise Plan (trademark Ariana Dane, 2014 – wink). The premise being that you are physically on the move 8-10 hours a day, not exercising, but physically taxing and challenging your body. After all, that’s what they did. Those hunter-gatherers were not sitting in a car or at a desk for hours a day, they were hiking, climbing, sneaking, stretching, throwing, beating, carrying and cooking.

Try spending just one weekend day outdoors pretending you’re a hunting paleoperson (yes I made that word up). Between the berries you’ll forage for and the dried meat you’ll carry for sustenance, along with the major calorie expulsion of rarely sitting until sundown, you’ll get lean very quickly.  Maybe I should offer a weekend boot camp (sans boots as they were all barefoot), where you’ll sleep soundly on the floor of a cave after a long day (up at sunrise) of hunting and gathering. I guarantee participants a calorie burn in the thousands!


If you have sensed my sarcasm here, you’re not wrong. Once again I am irritated by fads that manipulate people who are desperate to change their bodies into subscribing to something that ultimately they cannot sustain.

Moderation, as always is the real key. Eat lean, clean and consistent (5-6 times a day, lean proteins, green and colorful veggies, small amounts of fruits and whole grains, little to no dairy) while moving your body when ever possible. I call it the “21st Century Human-Being Lifestyle.” If there’s something you really want (like a cookie) have one, but don’t go to all the trouble to make it Paleo, just have ONE wonderful Nestles Tollhouse cookie and move on.


Use the stairs at work; park further away from a building’s entrance; take three 10-minute breaks to squat, wall press, stretch, or do some jumping jacks. Keep the blood flowing, keep physical activity always close at hand. This is how to be healthy and happy and not beholden to a trend that next year will be discarded for the newer, fresher, equally more ridiculous fad.  Okay I’m getting off my soapbox now, but not before I do 25 step ups!



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