What Are You Watching?!

Today my diatribe will seem to be off the subject of fitness, but in reality has everything to do with being healthy of mind and body. I have come to my wit’s end with society’s preoccupation with talent-less, substance-less, worthless icons of super-wealthy plastic women. In case you didn’t get it by that description, I’m referring to the Kardashians.

Every day when I stop in the gym locker room prior to or after my workout, I am assaulted by two televisions permanently glued to (and loudly playing) the E Channel. The E Channel (formerly Entertainment TV) has decided, assumably because of viewer demand, that 75% of their programming should be the show Keeping up with the Kardashians.


For the 5 minutes that I utilize my locker I am subjected to Kim crying because some designer can’t make her million dollar wedding dress, or Kanye decided to fly her to Paris before she was ready, or one of her sisters lamenting about how tiring it is to go to another $100,000 night where she has to stand around at a club in Las Vegas pretending to have a good time.

These women who never seem to work out (or at least never sweat), have chefs preparing their calorie-counted food, almost always appear in flawless airbrushed make-up, and live in mansions with assistants and drivers actually believe that their trivial woes are something we can relate to and should sympathize with.

The Madam (as in head of the brothel) who leads this circus is their mother Kris who just this year has launched her two youngest daughters (ages 16 and 18) into the same career as their older sisters. By the way, in case you didn’t know these “careers” are really nothing but a few modeling gigs, event appearances, and of course, showing all aspects of their plasticized non-intimate lives on television.  I will say that Kris is quite the marketing genius as she has turned 5 vapid self-centered females into a million dollar enterprise, but somehow that just isn’t enough to garner her my full respect when she’s peddling such hollow fluff.


So why am I bitching about this you may ask? It’s because my mission as a fitness professional is to help people – most importantly women – to accept their flaws, surmount obstacles and limitations, and love their bodies and lives. The Kardashians are in direct conflict with my mission. Their show tells girls that shallow is ok, that fashion and fantasy have more value than hard work. I sincerely doubt that any Kardashian daughter can balance a check book, live on a budget, and multitask the care of children, with the chores of maintaining a house, car, job, and their own personal fitness and emotional fulfillment.

They call it reality TV but it is the furthest thing from reality. As long as viewers enjoy the mind numbing line up of Kardashians, Lohans, and Sex In The City reruns Entertainment TV, MTV, and VHI will never change and girls will continue to be exposed to these unrealistic depictions of life as a woman in America.  So if you want to show your daughters examples of television women worth emulating there’s lots to pick from, but unfortunately you’ll have to go way back. Try reruns of Mary Tyler Moore Show, One Day At A Time and Julia if you really want to see women of substance and value.



















  1. Karolina

    And how about “Girls”? This is a new show and I think it is worth watching for exactly the reasons you wrote about. The protagonists are not really meant to be role models, but these are girls who strive to become women of substance and value.

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