3 Holiday Health Hints

Well it’s Christmas eve and the week has been hectic for me as well as for many of you. Therefore, I thought it the perfect time to I remind us all of some very important perspectives that help keep our lives FIT (hence “Dane Life Fitness”). Here are my top three tips to having a better time through the holidays – and everyday!

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff.

Such a simple statement from Richard Carlson’s best-selling self-help book. Don’t sweat the small stuff – because it’s ALL small stuff. I always tell my clients to picture their dilemma/issue/problem as a spec on the road of life. If you believe that when you look back a year from now it will have been a pebble sized blip, then don’t sweat it. If the issue has significant importance, staying calm will help you solve it all the quicker anyway! (I recommend the book by the way.  Great quick read that will inspire you.)


Time Together Matters More Than Perfection.

So many of us get wrapped up this time of year (pun intended) in making sure we get family and friends the perfect gift(s) or presenting a perfect meal, perfectly decorated house, flawless backed goods, etc. In reality, every single one of us would rather just be together having good laughs and making fun memories, wouldn’t we? I’d rather have my best friend here sipping a $10 bottle of red while we play Uno with our children, then stress over how much I have to spend on a present, and how early I have to get up to cook a turkey.



As other of my blogs have addressed, breathing is crucial to stress management. Deep slow breaths lower blood pressure and clear your head. Taking time to breathe when you feel harried gives you a better perspective (once again referring to my first tip). As you and your peeps sit down to a holiday meal (be it roasted turkey or KFC), grab hands, close your eyes, and take 5 deep slow breaths together. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results.


* * * * *

I wish you all Happy Kringle, Happy Christmas, Happy Holidays, but most of all, Happy Healthy Hearts!



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