New Year, Old You?

Whether you’re a new year’s resolution kind of person or not, everyone tends to approach the new year as a fresh opportunity to change when they’re not happy with – most notably, getting their body in shape. “New Year, New You” is a common slogan with weight-loss products and services.


However, as I’ve discussed in several articles last year, most people set unreasonable expectations and therefore unattainable goals when it comes to their fitness. Everyone wants it to happen quickly, affordably, and without having to spend a lot of time actually exercising. Worse yet, there are still millions of adults who think they need to go on a diet. As all of you who have read my articles know, a diet implies temporary. Temporary changes to your nutrition will not result in a successful and permanent transformation of your body.


So how can you make this year’s attempt at fitness finally a success? First, you can stop trying to make it happen quickly. Your body didn’t get out of shape in a month, conversely it can’t get into shape in a month.

Next, your nutrition, or in plain English HOW AND WHAT YOU EAT (and when), must be a lifestyle change, i.e., permanent, for your body to stay healthy and lean. Please remember as I frequently rant, this does not mean you have to give up fun foods, comfort foods, sweets, alcohol, or any foods you’ve previously labeled as your “vices.” It simply means an overhaul to the ratio of clean, unprocessed foods in a balanced proportion (proteins, carbs and fats) consumed in small quantities on a regular basis.

Apple and hamburger on scales conceptual

Lastly, you have to deem exercise as a priority, and it MUST be scheduled on a weekly basis (by that I mean 3-5 times a week). As I have written on numerous occasions, exercise can be highly effective to your fat loss goals with as little as 30 minutes a day. Approaching your exercise schedule with the same level of commitment you approach responsibilities such as work or getting the kids to soccer practice is the key to making these necessary changes stick.


So for those of you who are set to make 2015 the year you reduce your waistline, tone those jiggly legs and arms, or lower your blood pressure, risk of diabetes and heart attack I offer these three simple mind-set alterations that will definitely help you finally succeed at having a New You in the New Year!

Once you’ve embraced them, feel free to contact me for more specific help with your fitness goals.


  1. Irene

    Why are your words so simple to understand but so difficult to follow? This morning I woke up thinking about losing 5 kilos, I came back home al lunch longing for a mountain of pasta, an hour later I regretted that mountain of pasta in my stomach and now I’m reading your post eating cookies …how can I stop this loop?
    Certainly I’ll continue reading your blog, it’s always source of inspiration

    • lifefitnessbydane

      Oh, Irene, I feel your frustration. Like the saying goes “it’s easier said than done.” I think they key here for you is making sure you start each day with the right nutrition. The fact that you came home at lunch longing for a “mountain of pasta” tells me that you aren’t fuelling your system with enough food AND enough of the right foods. Your body’s cravings are huge indicators of what’s not working with your current approach to nutrition. If you would like me to create a customized meal plan for you, contact me via my website ( If not, read up on a few of my past articles where I address how to handle nutrition to keep those sabotaging cravings at bay. Either way, I support your efforts and encourage you to keep trying. Tomorrow is another day! Cheers. 🙂

      • Irene

        Thank you so much for your support. I’ve got a balanced nutrition plan made for me by a specialist some years ago, I want to try to follow it again, and I practice aquagym two times a week and I walk for an hour once a week … I’ve got all the tools to improve, but I’m not strong enough to use them. I think the problem is that I love food and I use it against bad feelings (worries, anger, anxiety, lack of self-confidence, boredom), but I’ll keep on trying and if I decide to have a personal trainer I’ll surely choose your help (even if the Atlantic Ocean is between us :P)

  2. lifefitnessbydane

    I have a tip for you that I use with my clients — you may want to try: When you feel those emotional triggers prompting you to reach for food — stand up and do 10 burpees, then drink a large glass of water and eat an apple with peanut butter on it (all natural of course). The endorphins along with the satisfying fiber, salt and sweet of that snack will push those cravings aside. Then sit and write down what’s going on in your head. Meanwhile, stay strong and don’t let one set back stop you. Two steps forward one step back is okay!

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