Jump Start The New Year

Happy new year. We’re six days into January and the annual surge in attendance at most gyms is ramping up quickly. Thousands of us make resolutions to get in shape, and to that end many people joined or received the gift of a gym membership this January. This happens every year, and every year by March 75-80% of new members have dropped off as old habits kick in.


So today I wanted to offer you a “Jump Start” workout that can be done at the gym or in in your living room. If you can stick with this simple and quick workout – three times a week (every-other day) for 4-6 weeks, you’ll not only find yourself already in better shape that you are right now, but you’ll be more likely to stick with your resolution and that gym membership will not go to waste.


One of the pitfalls people face each January is that they think they have to reinvent their wheel. In other words, they convince themselves that they have to have the right clothes, shoes, and gear, and buy a bunch of food and supplements that they don’t even know how to cook or use. Very quickly either budgetary constraints stop their momentum, or lack of seeing results due to improper workouts or confusion as to how to eat differently leads to frustration and they give up.


I always suggest biting off only what you can chew (forgive the pun) is the best way to start something so radically new and different to one’s current lifestyle. This is why I am posting this very simple (yet still challenging) three-day workout, and some basic nutritional guidance to get you started. As I stated previously, if you can stick with this you might find the motivation you need to continue on into 2016 past January. If not, then hey, at least you won’t have lost a bunch of money, and you can go back to being out of shape until you’re ready to try again next year!


You can Google most of the exercises listed and see photos or videos of how to properly perform each (I have examples on my websites and YouTube page too). I’ve given a beginners weight spectrum for the dumbbells (i.e., 3-10 lbs. should cover anyone who is just starting out, no matter size or gender). Pick the weight that challenges you but you can still complete the required repetitions. If it’s too easy, it’s too light! If you can’t do the full amount of reps now, then work up to it, but push yourself each week to do more.


As for “gear” – clearly a gym will have the what you need for this workout, but If you have no hand weights, try two evenly filled gallon-sized water bottles (that doesn’t mean they need to be full, just filled to equal levels). They have handles and are durable and easy to use, and you can buy two at any Dollar Store. Start fairly light, and add more water if you find you’re ready for them to be heavier.


DAY 1:

10 burpees

15 biceps curls w/3-10 lbs.

10 push ups

15 shoulder presses w/3-10 lbs.

20 air squats

1 30-second plank

Perform each in subsequent order then repeat entire set 2 more times.


DAY 2:

15 jumping jacks

15 bent forward rows w/3-10 lbs.

10 incline push ups (on bench, chair, or counter)

10 triceps dips (on bench, chair, or counter)

20 lunge walks

10 leg lowers & raises

Perform each in subsequent order then repeat entire set 2 more times.


DAY 3:

10 jump squats

15 biceps curls w/3-10 lbs.

10 up-out-in-downs (shoulder/chest) w/3-10 lbs.

20 wide-to-narrow jump squats

10 v-sits

1 30-second side plank (each side)

Perform each in subsequent order then repeat entire set 2 more times.



30-mins after waking:  Breakfast + glass of water

2-3 hours later:                Mid-morning Snack + glass of water

2-3 hours later:                Lunch + glass of water

2-3- hours later:             Mid-afternoon Snack + glass of water

2-3 hours later:               Dinner + glass of water

All meals/snacks should be small portions consisting of lean protein 65% (chicken, fish, pork), clean unprocessed carbs 20% (veggies, grains, beans, legumes), healthy fats 15% (avocado, fish, nuts). Avoid refined sugar, sodas, full-fat dairy, and processed salty-fatty snacks.

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