Dear NRA: Guns DO Kill People!

Sunday’s horrific mass murder in Orlando of 50 innocent victims at an LGBT Night Club has me almost tongue tied in anger. I was raised to not see color, to not judge “wrong” those who have a different lifestyle or appearance. Most of all I was raised to view any person or group who believed that their beliefs justified prejudice and violence as narrow minded bigots worthy of contempt.

Whether it’s a lone-renegade Isis-praising twisted soul or a group of abortion clinic bombers, I simply cannot tolerate the ignorance of anyone who murders another because they don’t believe in your God or your views.


Why is this the subject of my blog today, you might wonder? Well, it’s not so far afield of my normal ramblings – that of living a healthy life with your body, mind, and heart. Anyone walking around with that much hate directed towards someone just because they think or act differently cannot be living a balanced and healthy life!

Therefore my simple but non-bullshit message to everyone today is to stop judging what’s different than yourself, and more importantly, stop hiding on whichever side of the issue you stand on. Whether you’re a Republican, Democrat or Libertarian – let your voice be heard that America needs to stop being a place where anyone can purchase a gun regardless of their past crimes or mental state and then wreak havoc on innocent victims simply because the NRA’s slogan says guns don’t kill people – people kill people.


Gun control needs to happen in this country which is NOT saying that anyone will lose their 2nd Amendment rights. But something must be done to stop lunatics and religious fanatics from being able to kill at will those they deem inferior. If you want a gun that badly aren’t you willing to wait a month? Aren’t you willing to have your fingerprints run? I know I would happily do both if I wanted to own a gun. Worse yet, if someone is on the damn FBI watch list – don’t hire him as a security guard! (Who’s the hiring idiot who made that call?)


Hey, avid NRA supporter former Vice President Dick Cheney has a lesbian daughter. I wonder how he’d feel if she’d been in the line of fire Sunday night?


Ok, I’m dropping the mic now and getting off my soap box.


One comment

  1. The Smiling Pilgrim

    America needs to get together and have some discussions on these issues of violence and gun related killings.

    The fact is the rest of the world isn’t having these kind of huge shootings or at least it is not apparent.

    Some new and refreshing ideas need to come forward and they need to move forward.

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