Your Car = Your Body?

This may sound odd, but the condition you maintain your car reflects a lot about the condition you keep your body. Even more importantly, there’s often a direct correlation between those of you who do not keep your car clean and free of clutter and your inability achieve your fitness goals. Sounds debatable? Well here are my reasons behind this week’s blog:


Raise your hand if your car’s interior is cluttered with litter and things because in your hectic daily life you and/or your kids eat in the car, get changed or apply make up, and/or have all the seats and door pockets stuffed to gills with “stuff” you or the kids “need.” Now raise your hand if your weekly workouts take a “back seat” to the rest of your “priorities.” I bet 95% of you who acknowledged the first hand raising, also raised your hand for the second.


If you don’t keep a vigilant check on your car’s oil levels, tire pressure, wiper fluid, etc., then you likely don’t spend a whole lot of time worrying over your water intake or if you’ve ingested enough protein today. The bottom line is that if you only see your vehicle as a device that aids in you getting things done, but you have little respect or care for it’s internal condition, the same is probably true for your body.


Now you might say I could use the same analogy for messy or chaotic homes, but I specifically focus on the car example because a car filled with loose change, straw wrappers, receipts, papers, odd random devices, toys, shoes and clothes is indicative of a person who is always running a touch late, racing from commitment to commitment, and therefore is probably going to leave exercise and nutrition off their “must do list.”


As you know if you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, exercise and nutrition MUST be on top of your “must do list” (not your “to do list”) if you want to achieve a healthy body (and mind) that will support the rest of your hectic life for years to come.


So the next time you hop in your vehicle, notice the state of your interior, and think about how that reflects upon your life. If it’s a mess and you’re lamenting that you’re not eating right or exercising enough … perhaps the place to start making a change is in how you treat your car. A clean car = a life calm enough to not have to do non-car chores outside of the car – including proper nutrition and getting in those workouts.



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