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The Confusion Continues

I was at a party last weekend and as usual, once the word is out that I’m a certified personal trainer, I got bombarded with questions about diet and exercise. As always, I am only slightly surprised by how little the average person understands about nutrition and exercise.

Clearly not everyone is reading my blog yet (wink) as the concepts that carbs are bad and cardio is enough seems to be the predominant idea behind most people’s attempts to “lose weight” (another of my pet peeves as you all know that it’s about fat loss not weight).


I find people are still caught in the vicious circle of attempting a quick fix to become smaller in their bodies, then being disappointed that the results do not happen or do not stick. Soon emotional eating kicks in as the workouts fade to once a week or none at all. Then it starts all over again. Lather, rinse, repeat!

Let me preach to everyone one more time the keys to failure: counting calories, abstaining from carbs or certain foods just because you think that is the trick, repetitive uneffective cardio and casual resistance training. These approaches will NOT work – or at least will not last.


Clearly I shouldn’t complain, for as long as the confusion continues I will continue to have a full slate of clients. But I really do want to help educate the masses about exercise and nutrition and how to affect a real and permanent change to your body. I continue in my quest to teach moderation where nutrition is concerned combined with ever-changing and always challenging exercise performed in a moderately small chunk of time.

Your experience of life (and more importantly your enjoyment of same) should not be consumed with worries over what and when you eat, how to squeeze in time to work out, and if you’ve done enough to your body that you can rest easy. My goal is to have exercise and nutrition fit seamlessly into my days/weeks so that all aspects of my life have meaning and balance.


There’s a reason I named by business Dane Life Fitness. I firmly believe fitness is essential to all aspects of one’s life. If you spend a predominant amount of your life focused on only your body, there’s no question that other areas of your life will suffer. So stop stabbing in the dark – acting (reacting) in a haphazard way, and create a specific targeted plan of action that fits your body type and goals, and your lifestyle. There’s plenty of resources out here in the internet that can help you, and of course, working with me (or any other personal trainer you like and trust) is the quickest and more sure-fire way to get on the right track.

Why Are You Still Unhappy?

I created Dane Life Fitness because I feel all aspects of life need to be fit for one to find true contentment. You need balance and health in all aspects of life: your body, emotions, job/career, home life, relationships, and passions, and all areas need to work compliment each other (not be in juxtaposition).

Take stock for a moment, how many aspects of your life from the above-list are you happy with and feel there is balance. Keep in mind balance means that there’s an equality to all areas of your life – i.e., you’re not neglecting your fitness needs or allowing work to overshadow any and all play time (passions, hobbies, joys).


If you have any aspects that you are unhappy with, my next question is how long have you felt this way? If you’ve been unhappy for more than a month or two, I must ask why!? I suspect your answer is what all my clients have answered with: no time, no energy, no money, no way to make a change. To which I respond: bullshit.

The only thing that keeps anyone from making a positive change is fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of pain. But fear is not a viable and tangible obstacle, it is simply an emotion that keeps you stuck. Trite as it sounds “there is nothing to fear but fear itself.” Once you stop fear from hiding the truth of what you need to do and how you need to do it, change becomes easier.


Change happens when you choose movement over wallowing. Any step is better than stagnation. Movement begins body transformations. Taking action instead of talking changes relationships and home life. Deciding where/who you want to be in your career/job puts you on a path which begets movement which translates into change.


Change of perspective is key. Imagine it was your child or sibling in your situation. How would you advise them? Could you see a step-by-step path to help them change, or a better emotional perspective? You likely could because when you view a situation hypothetically (or outside of yourself) vision and understanding are always clearer.


So why are you still unhappy? Are you trying to change everything all at once. All or nothing? A successful life is one where you keep growing, changing, and learning. Pick one thing – one little baby step if you’re really scared – and just jump. The next little step will easier. Soon you’ll be moving with larger steps and more confident purpose. It really is this simple. But don’t stop with a few successes. Never stop until you have the life you want in all arenas.

Life coaches such as I are trained to help clients out of their fear and funk and into proactivity and positive results. But I know each and every one of you can get yourself into a better place on your own if you are truly motivated enough. Stop being unhappy. Life is short!


What the **** is a Life Coach?

About 20 years ago the term Life Coach popped up in the Health & Fitness industry. There’s been a lot of confusion and a huge variance as to what a Life Coach is and does. On the whole I find people to have a negative image of life coaches and perceive them to be along the lines of tarot card readers and psychics – you either believe in them or you think their full of it.

I too have found my fellow Life Coaches to be very different in the ways they operate and in most cases I can completely understand why we are viewed as unnecessary or trivial. But allow me to share with you why I became a certified Life Coach.

I had been working as a Certified Personal Trainer for around three years when I noticed that about 80% of my interactions with clients centered around discussions and advice pertaining to their emotional issues – the physiological reasons behind their weight gain. Lack of self-esteem, parental baggage, relationships and rejections, job stresses, poor communication skills – all of these issues are usually the culprits to an individual’s descent into weight gain (fat increase and/or obesity), physical inactivity, and the corresponding emotional depression.

Microsoft PowerPoint - Emotional Baggage Poster

I was beginning to function more like a therapist than a body re-builder. The best skill I bring to the table as a trainer (besides my understanding and education in physical fitness) is my no-nonsense straight talking sensibilities. When you combine that with my inherent ability to be organized, disciplined, and quickly creative when thinking outside of the box is required, it makes me a great Life Strategies Coach. I include the word strategies not only because it’s the right word to describe what I do (strategize), but because that’s what my certification is called “Life Strategies Coach.”

Life Strategies Coaching for me, is about helping a client cut through the excuses, baggage, and self-imposed limitations and then setting forth succinct realistically achievable steps towards their goals, desires and dreams. When combined with physical fitness a client can truly find balance in their lives: body and emotions are healthy, communication with family and friends functions, and career goals can be achieved.


For me you cannot have a healthy body if your emotions and environment do not support it. It took me years to find this balance for myself, another reason that I am well suited to this role. I have been through ups and downs, trials and tribulations, and had to forge my own way to a balanced life. That is why I created Dane Life Fitness.

Your LIFE needs to be fit,

not just your body.

Hopefully this dispels some of the confusion as to what a Life Coach is, or at least in this case, when Dane Life Fitness is all about. Regardless of how you do it, go out and find (create) balance in your life.  Excluding one’s philosophy of reincarnation — we only get one go round so stop wasting time and make this life what you want it to be.  To quote the trendy tag line of the youth of today: YOLO! (You only live once.)