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The Three “Planner” Bears

Once upon a time there were three bears: an “over-planer” bear, an “under-planner” bear, and a “well-balanced” bear.


The Over-Planner planned out every single nuance of his life. He was rigid and uptight because everything had to go just right all the time, and when plans didn’t work out he pitched a big old grouchy stressed-out fit. There was little room in his life for spontaneity and he therefore missed out on a lot of opportunities. His family and friends labeled him difficult and controlling, and sometimes felt bullied by his insistence they always follow his choices or plans. Though he achieved most of his goals and got very far in his career and personal life, he was never satisfied and lost a lot of sleep as he was always planning so many steps ahead which left him missing out on many beautiful moments occurring in the NOW.


Conversely, the Under Planner lived by seat of her furry pants. She refused to be tied down to any plans, preferring to go with the flow or mood and live life always in the NOW. While she was a fun and creative bear to hang around or work with, she ran chronically late and often annoyingly non-committal, resulting in a long tail of unfinished and underachieved dreams and goals dragging around behind her. Perceiving her as “flaky,” her friends and family to never place too much trust or reliance upon her.


Lastly we meet the “well-balanced” bear. Bear in mind (pun intended) this cub is rarely born this way, but evolves through emotional maturity and life’s trials and lessons, to find balance between a structured life full of back-to-back plans and a frolicking lifestyle of blowing with the wind. They can get their responsibilities handled in a timely fashion, have time left for their needs and wants, and still have room for reacting to life’s curve balls without breaking too much of a sweat.


Having worked hard to become a well-balanced bear in my life, I love the quote that I stole from someone somewhere: “I adore spontaneity as long as it’s carefully planned.” In other words, while I do live a pretty structured daily life, I not only leave room for sudden left turns (whether for fun or a crises), but I have time allotted in my life for “nothing.” That’s time when I can spontaneously choose something random to do – I can do absolutely nothing – and sometimes that’s the best of all!


So my little bear-readers, which are you? More importantly, which one do you want to be? Just some spontaneous food for thought today. Cheers!